HDI technology boards San JoseAPCT offers the best in PCB manufacturing services for the San Jose area, including the production of HDI technology boards. With unbelievably fast cycle times – 2-10 layer projects can be completed in 24 hours; 12-24 layer boards in 48 hours; Via in Pad technology in 48-72 hours and HDI technology boards in 3-5 days.  – APCT gives you the fast production speeds your business needs without sacrificing product quality or our strong commitment to providing our clients the best in customer service.

When Quality Manufacturing Matters

We’re one of the most experienced HDI technology board manufacturing partners that service the San Jose area, with state-of-the-art facilities meeting experienced knowledge and innovative new solutions of our friendly engineering team. The APCT commitment to continuous improvement means we’re always assessing our capabilities to see where we’ve succeeded, and where we can get even better. This means keeping our facilities stocked with cutting-edge equipment and utilizing advanced manufacturing methodologies to promote cost-effective solutions while still maintaining our paramount goal of superior product quality and reliability. This core belief that we should do the best job we possibly can, every time, has given us our amazingly fast 2-10 layer PCB manufacturing speeds, and allows us to always say “yes” to the ever-increasing needs of our client partners.

Whether your San Jose business needs HDI technology board production or just high quality, reliable PCBs manufactured quickly, APCT gives your business the tools to succeed. Call us today at (408) 727-6442, or use our convenient online form to ask us any questions. With APCT, you’ll always get our best, every time.