High Density Interconnect Apex NC

High-density interconnect boards have impacted tech business nationwide, from Silicon Valley on the West Coast to your local Apex, NC business, and for good reason – as one of the greatest innovations in the printed circuit board industry, HDI boards are unmatched in providing increased yield. Better reliability, and more processing power to match that ever-growing list of customer demands. It can be difficult, however, to find an HDI fabrication company with advanced facilities and an experienced staff to give you the product you need. Fortunately, you’ve found APCT.

We’ve followed industry trends since our founding in 1971, and this has allowed us to be an HDI fabrication company with some of the greatest level of experience in HDI manufacturing. With a company-wide commitment to continuous improvement, our high-density interconnect manufacturing facilities for the Apex, NC area have the most advanced equipment available at all times. Our commitment to staying on the cutting-edge of advancements in the industry also allow our engineering team to combine their experience and expertise with innovative new methodologies to ensure every project is of the highest quality in reliability and function. But a great product is only part of the APCT difference.

When our president and CEO, Steve Robinson, saw the worrying trend in printed circuit board manufacturers keeping a silent distance from their client partners, he saw those clients grow frustrated and upset. With no communication or dedication to providing them great customer service, these clients didn’t become long term partners. With APCT, Steve wanted to change that. Founded on principles of passion for our products, commitment to our clients, and a strong dedication to providing and nurturing a relationship of mutual trust, APCT is a company with a total commitment to customer service. We want to go that extra mile to ensure that your time with us has been the best industry experience you’ve ever had, every time. Whether you need a quick turnaround for rapid prototyping, or want to use the experienced insight of our design team, APCT is there to help you with your next project at every step of the way.

For the best in high-density interconnect fabrication for your Apex, NC business, you need the talent, skill, and advanced facilities of APCT. Speak with us online via our online form, or call (203) 269-3311 today to discuss what we have to offer. See the APCT advantage by partnering with us for your next project.