There is a wealth of options for high density interconnects PCB suppliers in California, especially in the Silicon Valley area. How do you choose the manufacturer that will best supply your production facility or design department with reliable HDI technology and fast turnaround times? At APCT, you’ll find that we offer “Best In Class” service, a dedication to continuous improvement, and industry-leading fabrication times for sequential lamination on our standard and advanced designs.

We specialize in rigid printed circuit boards, creating effective and reliable products in record times. Our standard lead time is 10 days, and we consistently provide 2-5 day cycle times for HDI designs. The ability to provide quality high density interconnects PCBs to California tech companies is a key to our success, and yours. That’s why we go above and beyond to foster an environment of passion and commitment to innovating the next best thing in PCB technology. The appeal of an HDI design is its ability to provide the same or better functionality while utilizing even less space than a standard PCB. Our capabilities include a wide range of materials and specifications in order to provide you with standard, advanced, or developmental printed circuit boards that will keep up with your latest designs. This technology is primarily used for mobile and touch screen technology, which means it needs to be on point to keep up in a highly competitive market. We recognize this, and we are constantly striving to create better, faster, more effective PCBs to keep in step.

No matter where you’re located in California, our Santa Clara factory can provide high or low volume high density interconnect PCB orders to any facility quickly and reliably. Whether you’re in the developmental phase or the production phase, call one of our Design for Manufacturability Engineers (DFM) today to discuss your needs and get started on your order.