Locating the “best” high density interconnects PCBs available to Mountain View CA businesses is a near-impossible task — different technologies often have different requirements. Silicon Valley is home to many of the world’s leading mobile computing companies, and those products require reliable HDI technology to facilitate their evolving devices. There’s no shortage of sequential lamination manufacturers in the area, so determining the right partner is a nuanced decision. Here at APCT, we hope to make that decision a little easier.

Our culture is one of deeply-rooted passion for what we do, dedication to continuous improvement, and commitment to “Best In Class” service. These are all elements we strongly believe make a successful business, and they’re elements we imbue into everything we create. In order to provide quality high density interconnect PCBs to Mountain View and other area production and design facilities, we’ve had to work hard to attain industry-leading cycle and lead times. For our HDI specific designs, our customers can expect 2-5 day cycle times. Our capabilities include a wide range of materials and specifications so that you can order PCBs to match your exact requirements, whether you need a high-volume production order or a low-volume developmental order. We know better than anyone that in the constantly evolving technology sphere, you have to remain three steps ahead in order to stay relevant, and in order to create innovative new devices, you need innovative materials to draw on.

If you’re trying to find a high density interconnect PCB manufacturer that can effectively provide your Mountain View CA facility with the materials you need to succeed, we hope you’ll find a partner in us. For more information or to discuss your current needs, please contact one of our Design for Manufacturability Engineers (DFM) today to get started.