As an industry leader in superior cycle times for HDI designs with service to the San Francisco Bay Area, APCT is an ideal partner for manufacturing rigid PCBs. We’re a sequential lamination manufacturer that offers our high density interconnect and other designs with as little as 10-day lead times (compared to the 3-week industry average) and 3-5 day cycle times. In the highly competitive tech space, that time can make all the difference when you need your printed circuit boards in order to meet a production deadline.

Our company philosophy is simple: Passion, Commitment, and Dedication. We strive for continuous improvement in our products and processes, and in order to achieve our business goals, we believe every member of our team should have Passion for what they do. That Passion drives us to create better HDI PCB designs for our San Francisco Bay Area customers, who are working in one of the world’s leading technology hot spots and require the very best. We also maintain a Commitment to “Best In Class” service, where we Design For Manufacturability in order to drastically reduce the risk of production error and ensure our PCBs meet every customer requirement before they go to production. In our opinion, a sequential lamination manufacturer shouldn’t work any other way, and our DFM Engineers will work with you closely from the very beginning to create a design that meets your exact specifications. When PCBs can be fabricated quickly and reliably, it allows us to showcase our Dedication to reliable delivery times anywhere in Northern California and beyond.

Whether you require HDI PCBs delivered to the San Francisco Bay Area or elsewhere in the world, our domestic and overseas partners will offer you the same support you’d find right here at our main factory in Santa Clara. When you’re ready to get started, please reach out to one of our DFM Engineers. We look forward to working with you!