Is your company looking for high-speed digital solutions? APCT wants to be your partner for all things printed circuit boards. Our company was founded on the core values of Passion, Commitment, and Trust. These remain our foundation as our business has expanded to one of the largest privately held PCB manufacturers in the United States.


We have a passion for emerging technologies and the highest quality of materials. That’s why we offer Standard FR4, lead-free ROHS options, high-speed digital solutions, high frequency RF solutions, hybrid or mixed packages, heavy copper to 4 ounces, and more. Among these offerings, you’ll find halogen-free, epoxy, ceramic, polyimide, low loss, glass, buried capacitance, hydrocarbon, a range of FR4 high temp options, and others.


Our experienced team has a commitment to our customers. You can see this in everything we do. This includes thorough design review from our DFM engineers, tight quality control throughout production, on-time delivery for every order, and world-class customers service. Your business can count on continued technical support as well. We are proud to bring the human element to the PCB industry.


We have built relationships and trust with our customers. This has led to years-long productive relationships. Let us help your tech business meet tight deadlines, produce high-quality product, and grow! Our goal, as always, is to provide you the best service and level of customization to meet your needs. You can rely on APCT for world-class customer support throughout your ordering process and afterwards.

You can count on APCT to continue our focus on Passion, Commitment, and Trust. We have continually invested in technological innovations, so we can “Say Yes!” to more of our customers’ needs. This includes diverse material offerings and technologies. Whether you need high-speed digital solutions, high frequency RF solutions, or something else, call us today at (408) 727-6442. Our DFM engineers would be happy to review your PCB or HDI PCB requirements.