When your business needs high volume PCB production, trust the experienced professionals who created your prototype! Over years of fabricating in Silicon Valley, CA, APCT has built a reputation as the printed circuit boards manufacturer you can trust. Our people make the difference; we have a dedicated team that have a Passion for delivering the best customer service in the industry, a Commitment to our customers, and believe in earning Trust through the quality of our product and our customer experience. These three cornerstones of Passion, Commitment, and Trust can be seen in everything we do, including our latest offering, APCT Global.

Experience the APCT Difference

APCT Global allows our customers to enjoy the highest standard of customer service while taking advantage of the economic benefit of high volume PCB production offshore. Once you have received your prototype build from APCT and want to move forward with a large scale order, we will place an order with one of our vetted Asian suppliers. You’ll work with the same internal sales representative from APCT as you always have, and we will handle all coordination for the overseas PCB manufacturing. We quality test every batch of offshore PCB at our domestic facility and can then deliver to your business or drop ship it for assembly. Your business can also choose to have the PCB manufacturing and assembly completed in Asia to lower costs. Discuss your options with your internal sales rep to see how to save your business money while relying on our team for logistical support.

For years we have provided the best customer service in the industry and the fastest lead times on prototype circuit board. While overseas fabrication reduces costs, using APCT Global as your solutions provider will eliminate the headaches, delays, and logistical challenges of global procurement. Your company can take advantage of reduced production costs while also gaining the stability & reliability of a trusted domestic manufacturer! Your business will save money, time, and personnel, and get the added benefits of our expertise in PCB manufacturing, DFM, and engineering, as well as the strength of an $85 million dollar company leveraging buying power for its customers. When you need high volume PCB production, experience the difference APCT makes!