The building of relationship is the beginning of the building of trust. We understand that and therefore, we choose to have customers be assigned one inside sales representative. That representative remains the same throughout all disciplines.  No matter if an order is placed domestically or off-shore, the customer has one point of contact.  That philosophy enhances personal relationship and builds trust.

To that end, our inside sales team creates a file for each customer.  The file is unique and houses all the nuances of each particular client.  From notable contact information, to particular shipping information, the custom-made file is a home for all information as the relationship grows.  However, access to the file is open to others on the team. Therefore, if a team member is out for any reason, there is no loss of time or information or critical systems to follow.

Our Inside Sales has a unique approach to customer service.  They promote that they are more than order takers and quote responders.  First, they proactively give you choices in lead times.  These choices help you in your decision making of balancing price and delivery.  They secondly, chase the material lead time at the time of the quotation.  Therefore, when the quote is received, it is “solid” in its price and lead time.  And finally, what sets our customer service organization apart from others is the work they do in the follow through.  Our personnel do not simply walk away when the order hits the facility floor.  Our inside sales team stay involved, engaged, and in touch throughout the build, ready to communicate with you immediately should an expectation or promise be in jeopardy.  Their philosophy is that the job is complete once you’ve received product, not before.

This approach embodies what customer service is all about.  Working as a team with you nurtures trust and grows a relationship.  It’s personal to them…

Engage our Inside Sales team and experience the difference!

Our Inside Sales Support Team: