APCT is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, the heart of the Silicon Valley. The company features 4 total manufacturing sites: Santa Clara, 2 in Southern California and 1 in Wallingford, Connecticut.


APCT – Santa Clara, CA

APCT – Santa Clara is in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Bought by President / CEO, Steve Robinson, in 2008, APCT has much older roots.  Steve has been in the PCB industry since 1971 and his mentor throughout his early days was his father, Ralph Robinson.  Ralph was one of the founders of the printed circuit board industry; in fact he built one of the first multi-layer boards in The Valley!  A generation later, Steve now leads APCT, teaching and nurturing his team under the values learned from his father:  Passion, Commitment & Trust. These three principles fortify APCT’s responsibility toward earning and sustaining our customer’s loyalty. We have come to realize that it is truly the people that differentiate APCT from the competition and to that end, we hold each other accountable in our daily pursuit of:

Passion …………… To Provide Ultimate Customer Satisfaction

Commitment ……… To Service and Execute with High Reliability

Trust ……………….  To Be Earned By Our Actions


APCT – Wallingford

In April of 2016, APCT acquired the Wallingford Connecticut based company, Tech Circuits, Inc.  Tech Circuits had been manufacturing rigid printed circuit boards since 1979.  APCT – Wallingford not only brings regional support, but it brings enhanced capacity to our entire customer base.


APCT – Orange County

In January of 2018, APCT acquired the Orange County California based company, Cartel Electronics, Inc.  Cartel had been manufacturing rigid printed circuit boards since 1994.  APCT – Orange County brings regional support to Southern California and enhanced capacity to the corporation.


APCT – Anaheim

In January of 2018, APCT acquired the Orange California based company, Cirtech.  Cirtech was an affiliate of Cartel Electronics, manufacturing Flex and Rigid Flex products for the Defense & Aerospace Industry.  Cirtech was established in 1965 as a Printed Circuit Design business.  It has been manufacturing printed circuit boards since 1988.  Cirtech not only brings regional support to Southern California, but a broader range of technology in the form of flex & rigid flex expertise. In January of 2019, the company name was changed from Cirtech to APCT Anaheim.