Low Cost Printed Circuit Boards HoustonAPCT wants to be your connection to low cost printed circuit boards in Houston. As long-time veterans of the PCB industry, we know how important sourcing high-quality, low price printed circuit boards is. However, when you look to overseas manufacturing complications such as production delays and large order requirements can be problematic. Look to APCT to help minimize or eliminate these risks while supplying you with high quality and low cost PCB!

Your Source For Low Cost Printed Circuit Boards

Whenever you order from offshore suppliers, there is a concern over fabrication delays or non-delivery.  APCT makes sure that the low cost printed circuit boards you order are delivered on-time to your Houston business. Just as you can rely on our domestic manufacturing to supply high quality PCB quickly and on-time for every deadline, you can trust our team to deliver PCB from our offshore partners on time. One of the many benefits of turning to APCT for low price printed circuit boards is that we are able to take over manufacturing if anything goes amiss. Never panic about hearing the words, “the line is down,” about foreign factories because our domestic facilities are able to create your PCBs. With offshore PCB management from APCT, you receive risk mitigation and peace of mind.

Risk mitigation is just one of several advantages to working with APCT for low cost printed circuit boards in Houston. Many overseas manufacturers require a large minimum requirement to order, leaving you to foot the bill and store huge amounts of inventory. Receive the same cost benefits of offshore cheap PCB without having to pay upfront for a large order or store tons of product when you take advantage of inventory management with APCT. Free up your cashflow and your storage. We can store your PCBs in our secure warehouse until you need it. We can customize a plan that works for you, for example a monthly shipment. With our pay as you go plan, we only charge you as we ship the inventory from our warehouse. Dial (203) 284-1215 to speak to a friendly customer representative or fill out our online form. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your tech sector business.