Low Cost Printed Circuit Boards Menlo ParkWhen you need low cost printed circuit boards that are not just cost-effective but quality product for your Menlo Park business, try APCT’s overseas manufacturing management program. You may have shied away from offshore manufacturing in the past due to logistic headaches, overhead costs, and risks of inferior or delayed results. With APCT taking care of your order at every step and absorbing those risks, you can rest easy knowing you will receive cheap printed circuit boards that will stand up to the rigor of our quality control, and our industry leading customer service and technical support teams are standing with you every step of the way. APCT is also a nationally recognized prototype PCB Manufacturer and creator of HDI (High Density Interconnect) products.

APCT is poised to be your manufacturing partner.

In addition to sourcing low cost printed circuit boards for your Menlo Park business, we benefit the process in four key ways. One, we handle all logistics, there’s no need to worry about communication or time zones, because you will speak to the same APCT sales representative you’ve always communicated with. Two, we utilize our patented Valor Genesis System for seamless recipe transfer with our offshore partners. The facilities we work with in Northern China, Southern China, Taiwan, and Japan were specifically chosen for their high-tech capabilities, fast turnaround times, and quality product. Third, we handle inventory management for you, including testing every order before it is delivered to you, and we can even store your product in our secure warehouses until you need it. Fourth, we absorb all the risk of offshore manufacturing; if one of our partners cannot complete the order, we will handle the manufacturing in our domestic facilities. With APCT, you receive the cheap PCBs your business needs without the traditional issues arising from foreign manufacturing.

APCT is uniquely poised as both a brick and mortar manufacturer and PCB program manager to source low cost printed circuit boards for your Menlo Park company. Our experienced team ensures that you get the high quality, cheap printed circuit boards your business needs to succeed. To get started, call (408) 727-6442 to speak to our world-class customer service, or fill out our convenient form online for a professional quote.