When President and CEO, Steve Robinson, acquired APCT, he chose to form a team of skilled people who shared his values of Passion, Commitment, and Trust. We invite you to get to know a little more about the people who make APCT successful.


Steve Robinson – President / CEO

Steve Robinson brings to APCT his industry experience since 1971 and has a proven track record in corporate growth, team development and innovative thinking.  As former CEO of Data Circuit Systems and Executive VP of Merix Corporation, he has a clear vision and awareness of the global PCB Industry.  Now he leads APCT with ultimate responsibility for all business operations, including Engineering, Manufacturing, Finance, Sales & Marketing and Business Development.

Bruce McMaster – Chief Operating Officer

Bruce McMaster brings to APCT his industry experience since 1980 and is proficient in all aspects of the printed circuit board business.  From the early days in Operations to CEO and Director at the publicly held $500 million company, DDi, Bruce is described as a “hands-on” business manager. His latest venture in 2007 positioned Bruce as the President/CEO and owner of Cartel Electronics, Inc.  Now through acquisition in January 2018, Bruce brings his knowledge and expertise to APCT.

Eric Schmidt – Chief Technology Officer

Eric Schmidt brings to APCT his industry experience since 1983.  His expertise in front end engineering, product engineering and process engineering afford Eric a unique ability to drive continuous improvement and reduce cycle times, while supporting a broad range of technologies, including advanced HDI type applications.  His current responsibilities include the management of all Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing and Environmental operations.

Kimberly Johnson – Executive Vice President of Global Operations

Kimberly Johnson brings to APCT her global industry experience since 1996 and is adept at managing printed circuit board operations. Kimberly’s unique expertise has focused on supply chain management, as she creates solutions targeting continuous growth, reduced cycle times and mitigating disruptions in the supply chain. Prior to APCT’s acquisition of Tech Circuits in 2016, Kimberly was the International Sales Director there, providing a strong foundation for her management of our APCT-Global business unit.

Joe Gisch – Chief Financial Officer

Joe Gisch brings to APCT his overall financial & accounting experience since 1978, which includes 18 years with a multi-national CPA firm and 10 years as a Partner.  His industry experience started in 1995, as CFO through 2004 for DDi, a publically held $500 million company.  During that time, Joe’s responsibilities included finance and accounting, human resources and administration.  Since 2007, Joe has been the CFO and owner of Cartel Electronics, Inc. and now through acquisition in January 2018, brings his experience to APCT.