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The materials used in a rigid PCB design have a direct impact on its functionality. In Silicon Valley, technology moves at a rapid pace and demands that its components keep up. That’s why we create our PCBs with the highest quality materials and are constantly seeking new techniques and improvements on our current designs.

This philosophy was a driving force behind saying “Yes” to Isola’s Certification Program.  They needed a PCB house to test and verify the ability of their new high-speed material sets of I-Tera MT and I-Speed.  APCT partnered with Isola and thus in March of 2014, became the first candidate to be accepted for qualification in their new certification program.  The partnership with the Isola Group is yet another example on how we intend to fortify our commitment to our customers; providing them with the “Best in Class” emerging material sets, with outstanding electrical performance, reliable thermal properties, with very robust manufacturing capabilities.

Our current material offerings (APCTs Material Comparison Chart Rev September 2018) include Standard FR4, lead‐free ROHS options, high-speed digital solutions, high frequency RF solutions, hybrid or mixed packages, heavy copper to 4 ounces, and more. Among these offerings, you’ll find polyimide, epoxy, halogen-free, low loss, glass, ceramic, hydrocarbon, buried capacitance, a range of FR4 high temp options, and others.

Of course we work with other approved materials from vendors like:

Ventec, ITEQ, Nelco, EMC, Grace, Nanya, Panasonic, Rogers, FaradFlex, and Taconic.

Our goal, as always, is to provide you the best service and level of customization to meet your needs. For questions about your specific PCB or HDI PCB requirements, please contact one of our DFM Engineers today.