Are you looking for military printed circuit boards? Defense PCBs support vital electronics, such as the control systems ensuring helicopters fly, boats follow navigation directions, communication programs relay information, and other critical functions. All but the simplest electronics require printed circuit boards, which means you need a reliable defense PCB manufacturer to create high quality product for your systems. APCT is poised to provide high quality PCBs for the defense industry, including government contractors and military organizations.

APCT “Says Yes!” to Customers Asking for Military PCBs

As of January 2018, APCT has acquired Cirtech, giving our manufacturing firm the ability to “Say Yes!” to more of our customers’ needs. APCT has invested resources totaling over $3 million into state-of-the-art equipment and additional personnel for Cirtech, now a division of APCT. With this influx, we are poised to take on even more work orders. We are proud to say that we are MIL-P-55110 certified and awaiting pending approval for MIL-PRF-31032. Our team in Orange, California is composed of over 70 experienced workers that have years of practice in manufacturing military printed circuit boards.

With new acquisitions, our core competencies remain the same. We provide exceptional technical support and customer support. Our DFM team offers detailed engineering support, including reviewing design for defense PCBs and ensuring they are robust to manufacture. Once the final design is approved, we follow specifications exactly and practice quality control throughout production. You can rely on APCT for quality defense PCBs made exactly to your specifications.

If your organization needs military printed circuit boards, turn to a trusted name in the PCB industry. Over years of excellent customer service and outstanding product, APCT has become the manufacturer you can trust. We offer a Broad Range of Technologies for the defense industry. We can produce Mil-Spec certified Rigid, Flex, and Rigid-Flex PCBs for our valued customers. Our high-quality boards can be used for various military and defense purposes. Call us today at (714) 921-0860 to get started.