Multilayer PCB Laguna

You have a multilayer PCB design in Laguna Niguel, CA. What do you do once you have completed printed circuit board development? Where can you find quality multilayer PCB fabrication? Don’t worry, you don’t even need to leave Orange County to find what you’re looking for! APCT is a PCB manufacturer that specializes in creating advanced technology boards extremely quickly. Our APCT Orange County and APCT Anaheim facilities are ready to collaborate on your next project!

You want the multilayer PCB for your Laguna Niguel, CA business to be perfect. We understand. That’s why we have our experienced DFM engineers review every PCB design before production begins to ensure it’s robust to manufacture. It’s why we recently invested $3 million dollars into our Orange County facilities and have a commitment to continuous improvement of our equipment and employees. And it’s why our quality assurance team takes their job seriously. When you order a prototype from APCT, you know that you are going to receive a top-quality product.

Once the NPI build is complete, you may be looking for a full-scale multilayer PCB order in Laguna Niguel, CA. Foreign production is less expensive in the long run, but you have to worry about large order minimums and storing excess inventory until you can use it. Fortunately, APCT Global can connect your business with low cost printed circuit boards without the traditional issues surrounding foreign manufacturing. We have partnered with suppliers beyond the U.S. borders to bring our customers dependable multilayer PCB fabrication at a fraction of the cost. Every batch is sent to our domestic facilities for quality testing; we can store excess product in our domestic warehouses until you are ready for it. The best part? You only pay once we ship the boards from our domestic warehouse! Access the economic advantage of foreign multilayer PCB fabrication with the strength and stability of a domestic manufacturer. Contact APCT today.