Are you looking for multilayer PCB in Union City, CA? There is no need to look very far! In fact, there is a reputable multilayer circuit board fabrication house in Santa Clara. APCT is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley and has worked with many companies across the different industries, such as communications, defense, healthcare, and aerospace, to provide top-of-the-line circuit board that meets their electronic component needs. It doesn’t matter what the end-use of the PCB is – from an essential part of a life-saving medical device to an essential component in a military helicopter – it just has to work. APCT manufacturers an excellent product that is thoroughly quality tested.

Unbeatable Products

The quality of our multilayer circuit board and our dedication to customer service is what has our customers relying on APCT. We take extra care with every order to review the design. Our in-house DFM engineers will review the multilayer PCB design from your Union City, CA business before it ever goes to production to ensure it is robust to manufacture. That way if there are any flaws in the recipe it can be fixed before production, saving your business the time, hassle, and expense of printing the batch again. Our experienced team practices tight quality control throughout the production process, watching closely to make sure that every board is printed precisely to the right specifications. Our focus on quality is part of our promise to customers. The other is responsive, helpful customer service.

When you order from APCT, you can count on us to answer any technical or procedural questions you may have. With us taking care of every step of the multilayer PCB production for your Union City, CA business, you can focus on other things. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the product or whether the delivery will be on time with APCT. Contact us to start your order and see for yourself the APCT difference.