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APCT just finished its first year at DesignCon and was thrilled at the outcome!

As a manufacturer of high reliability, rigid printed circuit boards, we were pleased to be introduced to designers and engineers that represented so many industries across the printed circuit board spectrum. As people were finding the capabilities of APCT, we certainly enjoyed finding out about the new ideas and designs surrounding the electronics industry. 

Such a unique trade show, we were not only amazed at the diversity of ideas, but how strongly we were for each other in encouragement and support. It was an exciting time for us to stay current with philosophical thinking and how best to support that thinking with expertise and new equipment.

Thank you one and all who came to our booth. We hope to stay current and connected to you.

Join us next time first thing for an APCT red doughnuts, no through holes just blind vias.

It’s all about coming together as a design community, creating that unique face-to-face dialog. Please visit our booth 501 on the expo floor. We would like to encourage folks share what they’ve learned or conversations they found valuable.  In a series of boot camp, keynote, panel discussions and more on day one (Jan 31st), everyone enjoyed the food and friendship. We hope you find our booth a place that we talk with you not at you.

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Share what you learned at our booth today PCB Conversation


APCT in the Media Feb 1:


APCT is proud to participate in DesignCon, the premier conference for chip, board, and systems design engineers, returns to Silicon Valley for its 22nd year. DesignCon serves the high speed communications and semiconductor communities offering state-of-the-art design methodologies, applications, technologies, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

APCT wants to stop being the best-kept secret in the Printed Circuit Board industry; we will accomplish this by launching the first in our six series campaign “Who Are These Guys”, which is designed to introduce and educate the PCB industry on APCT’s innovative technologies, customer-first mantra and the incredible staff that truly differentiates APCT from the competition.


Will you be attending DesignCon 2017 Feb1–2 this year?

Hoping for a sweet start at the conference?  Head over first thing to booth 501. We’d love to meet you. Please come by and let us introduce our company to you and offer solutions to your technical and cycle time needs.

Have a doughnut on us through-holes not included

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What’s the easiest way to get a PCB quote? Just call us. We are old fashioned like that.

But if you are working through midnight like us, you can also send us a file or fill out a simple design quote form. What works best for you, works for us.



APCTs Website Tips Series



Let us makes things simple…contact APCT at 408.727.6442 and we will review your project step by step.


If “a picture is worth a thousand words”, your file is priceless. Upload your file to APCT by clicking HERE.


Use our simple quote form below and our APCT Team will have a professional quote ready for you within 48 hours.


We would personally like to invite you to the first major event of the season, DesignCon 2017. Held at the Santa Clara Convention Center Wednesday & Thursday February 1st & 2nd. The expo hall is open 11 AM – 6 PM.

APCT is proud to support and showcase at Design Con, the premier event for board designers in the United States.  Eager to share our unique services for printed circuit board design success. Our team believes in the importance of partnering with customers and are looking forward to face-to-face conversations with board designers.

APCT is a board designer’s one-stop solution for your product’s entire lifecycle.

Learn first-hand about the developments at APCT that are propelling our company forward. Hear about innovative technologies that can support your new designs, including complex and HDI advanced designs. Our service starts with our team. We are looking forward to the opportunity to meet with you to tackle your challenges. Our DFM expertise is on-call for design success from the start. Our goal is to work closely with you, providing you support for successful product development.

Ask our APCT Global team how we ensure and assure the transition from quick-turn prototypes to successful production globally. As your product matures, APCT Global offers seamless recipe transfer with volume discounts. To support any successful global program, APCT ads the advantages of on-shore testing, inventory management and supply chain risk management with it’s on-shore production.





APCT DesignCon 2017, APCT at Booth 501


As we look forward to the New Year, we are most excited to work closely with our client’s and partnering with them to make them a success. How can we do that?

Cycles times: We look forward to providing the best possible cycle times for your design. We know we’ve done a great job when our customers call us to say thanks. We thank you for the opportunity.

New Technologies: We look forward to staying ahead of demand to make more and more complex boards with the most challenging HDI designs. Certainly, as we add new technologies as they emerge, we still retain our current and foundational strengths.

Global: The world is global and so are we. We know that your product needs to be competitive and our program uniquely ensures recipe transfer and consistent manufacturing. As your product grows, APCT will grow with you, seamlessly. We have brilliant added bonuses such as inventory management and risk back-up plans.
Happy New Year 2017 Bigger Better Rigid PCB Cycle Time HDI Global Program

PCB Carolina will be here before you know it, drawing many of the best printed circuit board manufacturers to Raleigh, North Carolina to share knowledge and exchange ideas. This will be APCT’s first year in attendance and we’re looking forward to bringing all of our Silicon Valley expertise to the East Coast and meeting new people.

This year, we acquired a board house in Connecticut, opening up a brand new segment of the market to our well-known “Best In Class” service and cutting-edge PCB designs. With a local fabrication facility on the East Coast, we can offer the same quick turnaround and fabrication times our West Coast customers have been enjoying for years and offer local technical support as well.

We operate with a philosophy of Passion, Dedication, and Trust.

Our business depends on the people who run it, and we couldn’t be prouder of our team. We only work with people who are passionate and dedicated about innovation and continuous improvement of our PCB designs and processes, including complex and HDI-specific designs. It’s thanks to our people that we’ve been able to build years of industry trust, providing consistent fabrication and reliable delivery.

This conference is an opportunity for us to showcase the solutions we offer, honed right in the heart of Silicon Valley. We’ll be presenting at two tables during the convention, so please stop by and say hello. We can’t wait to meet you!

PCB Carolina takes place November 2, 2016 at the McKimmon Center.

September 2016 Santa Clara, CA – APCT is proud to announce the launch of our redesigned website The new site incorporates our new dynamic corporate identity and color scheme with an easy to navigate interface and a web presence designed with our customers needs in mind.

Some of the key new features of include ease-of- access to the four essentials that allow APCT to differentiate itself from other PCB manufactures; Technology, Cycle Times, Design For Manufacturability, and Global Sourcing Solutions. These “Fab Four” components are laid out in a way to maximize the viewers ease-of- access to these links throughout the new site. Another feature added is the availability to reach-out to APCT with our new “ASK An APCT Expert” link and the “Request a Quote” link located at the base of every page.

“Our Goal Is to Make The User’s Experience As Easy & Painless As Possible, Making Sure That APCT Meets The Customers Needs and Expectations Each Time A Client Reaches Out To Our Company”

Tony Torres | Director of Business Development

APCT is a privately held company that specializes in the project management and manufacturing of high reliability, rigid printed circuit boards. With facilities in Santa Clara, CA & Wallingford, CT APCT has a combined 81,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space and 180 employee all primed to allow APCT to set itself apart from other manufacturers with Passion, Commitment, and Trust.

It’s almost time for PCB West 2016, and we’re gearing up for an awesome conference. Thousands of people will gather to discuss design, fabrication, and assembly for printed circuit boards, and it all happens right here in the heart of Silicon Valley, our home sweet home. Ideas will be shared, innovations will be unveiled, and great conversation will be had all around. As always, we’re looking forward to it.

This year, APCT, Inc. will have our usual booth, where we’ll discuss our thoughts and practices for creating better rigid PCBs, which comes down to the Passion, Commitment, and Trust of the people we work with. We’ve assembled an absolutely amazing team, and we’ll be showcasing the way our people have allowed us to achieve top-notch technology and lead times. When you exist within the ecosystem of Silicon Valley, you have to bring your A-game at all times, and that’s exactly what the APCT team does. We’ve worked very hard to get to a point where we can always say “yes” to our customers, whether they need a new developmental design for their next-gen device or need fast turnaround on a production order.

This year, we’ve also acquired a PCB house on the East Coast. That presence not only supports our east coast customers with technology expertise and faster lead times; it also means more capacity for all. We’ll be looking to connect with any East Coast attendees and talk about how our new local presence will benefit them and allow easy access to industry-leading complex PCB technology. Our principles rest firmly on building Trust with our clients and new partners can expect the same “Best In Class” service we’ve been extending to our West Coast customers for years.

If we haven’t connected before, please come find us this year. APCT will be located in Booth 319. We’re looking forward to sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas about all the latest leading-edge technologies!

PCB West takes place September 13-15, 2016 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.