Offshore Low Cost PCB Manufacturer Providence RIIf your technology business is looking for an offshore low cost PCB manufacturer in Providence RI, allow us to introduce ourselves. APCT is the leading domestic manufacturer of fast and high performing PCB for the United States and Canada. With our PCB Global Management program, we offer our valued customers access to cheap offshore PCB through our established supply chain. By ordering through APCT, your company takes advantage of low cost offshore PCB manufacturing with the comfort of a domestic manufacturer who offers seamless recipe transfer and inventory management.

The Offshore PCB Manufacturer You Can Trust

Two concerns with working with an offshore low cost PCB manufacturer in Providence RI are incorrect product and large order minimums. We have all seen the horror stories of purchasing a product online and receiving a totally different quality item. With APCT’s management, you are ensured to receive exactly what you order. Our talented DFM engineers review your design and send back to you for approval. Once you’ve approved the NPI build, we seamlessly transfer the recipe to our Asian manufacturing partner using our patented Valor Genesis System. This system precisely sends every specification, so the details from the NPI build will be transferred to the production build. Our team works with the supplier’s engineers every step of the way and you receive a product that is high performance and meets your specifications.

Recipe transfer isn’t the only concern with ordering from an offshore low cost PCB manufacturer in Providence RI. Large order minimums keep many businesses from taking advantage of the low prices on overseas manufacturing. Fortunately, APCT offers inventory management for our Global customers. We can keep your completed and quality tested product in our warehouses, so you don’t have to store a huge amount of inventory at your company’s site. We will send you offshore PCB as you need it, in monthly or quarterly drop shipments. We charge you for the product as we send it. The traditional issues with large order minimums- upfront payment and storage- are taken care of when you work with APCT Global. Call us at (203) 284-1215 to discuss further.