Offshore PCB AlbuquerqueIs your business considering offshore PCB in Albuquerque? Then you need Global Program Management through APCT. We are a premier printed circuit board manufacturer based in Santa Clara, CA. the heart of Silicon Valley, and we are pleased to now bring the cost advantages of low priced offshore printed circuit boards to our valued customers. There are several benefits to trusting APCT with your business’s PCB needs, but let’s discuss two in particular: ease of use and inventory management.

Count On APCT

If you have worked with APCT in the past, then you already have a personal sales representative and are familiar with our team, from friendly customer service to helpful technical support. You will continue working with the same team throughout the process, from concept design to final shipment. With our efficient management, you can rely on us to handle all the logistics of offshore PCB for your Albuquerque business; you won’t have to juggle time zones or coordinate with the supplier’s half a world away. Whether you have relied on APCT for years or are a new customer, enjoy the personal customer service we devote to each client. Our ease of use isn’t the only reason to look to APCT for offshore PCB though.

Not only will you have smooth communication with us, we offer inventory management that can save you money and space. One of the reasons businesses choose not to order overseas is large minimum order requirements that tie up your cash and leave you with large batches of product to store. With Global Program Management, you can order directly through APCT, and we will store the excess product in our secure warehouses. We will arrange with you a schedule to dropship product, so you don’t have to store enormous amounts of product at one time. The prime advantage of our inventory management is that your business only pays for the offshore printed circuit boards as we ship them from our warehouse, freeing up your cash flow. With ease of use and inventory management, APCT is the right choice for sourcing your offshore PCB in Albuquerque. Contact us by dialing (203) 284-1215 or filling out our online quote form.