Offshore PCB AustinHave you considered offshore PCB for your Austin business but dismissed it because of the risks? With PCB Program Management from APCT, realize the cost saving benefits of offshore printed circuit boards while dealing with none of the drawbacks. While other businesses fear subpar product and supply chain disruptions, with APCT you have peace of mind. Appreciate the advantages of offshore PCB fabrication without the risks, with program management from the leader in the industry.

Count On APCT

You may be nervous about offshore PCB in Austin because of concerns over inferior product. No one wants to wait for overseas fabrication only to receive substandard PCBs that can’t be used. Fortunately, with APCT as your inventory manager, this risk subsides. Our skilled engineers have years of experience designing high performing, robust PCB that is cost-effective to manufacture. Once you are fully satisfied with the design, it is sent to our offshore suppliers through our patented recipe transfer system. Every specification is precise so you know, whether you receive Japan, Taiwan, Southern China, or Northern China PCB, that your product is exactly what you ordered. APCT also runs quality checks on all offshore printed circuit boards before it is sent to you, so you can trust that we have tested the product at every level, from inception to completed project, to make sure it is high quality.

Another typical worry about overseas manufacturing is supply chain disruptions, which can inexplicably stop and start depending on your supplier. APCT has built strong relationships with our manufacturing partners and verified that their work is on-time and high-quality. However, if something should disrupt the quality or ability for them to finish, we can always complete manufacturing domestically. Because we are not a broker, but a PCB manufacturer, the risk of production delays is mitigated because of our domestic factories can take care of any outstanding orders. When you work with APCT’s PCB Program Management, you can count on high-quality, on-time offshore PCB delivered to you in Austin. Learn more about our program management by calling (203) 284-1215 or filling out our convenient online form.