Offshore PCB Costa MesaWelcome to APCT, your solution for low cost and high quality offshore PCB in Costa Mesa. Businesses across Southern California know that there are price advantages to ordering Taiwan or Northern China PCB, but how can you ensure that you actually receive the product, high quality and on time? With our PCB Global Management Program, your high tech company can reap those price rewards on offshore printed circuit boards without the traditional risks, like inferior product and stalled production, associated with overseas manufacturing.

Your Next Offshore PCB Partner

Firstly, we ensure that the product you ordered is the offshore PCB you receive in Costa Mesa. No horror stories of misleading or inferior product here. Our skilled DFM engineers work with your design to make your board the most reliable and most robust to manufacture. You will approve the NPI build, and we ensure that the exact specifications are sent to our Asian manufacturing partners through our integrated Valor Genesis System, which guarantees seamless recipe transfer. In addition, we test every batch of offshore PCB for performance. You can trust that the product you receive, whether Japan, Taiwan, Southern China, or Northern China PCB, will be built to your precise specifications.

Next, APCT is not just a broker of overseas printed circuit boards. We are a trusted domestic manufacturer with state of the art facilities. If there is a disruption in our Asian supply chain, we will build your PCB ourselves and ship to you as soon as possible. As a manufacturer, we mitigate the risk of hearing the line is down or production is stalled, because we can handle these issues internally. With APCT managing your offshore PCB you can rely on high quality offshore PCB in Costa Mesa at a great price. Contact us at (203) 284-1215 to start your order with the printed circuit board experts today.