Offshore PCB HoustonWhen you are looking to decrease costs, consider offshore PCB for your high-tech Houston business. Many companies wisely avoid overseas manufacturing because of problems with inferior product and the inability to monitor production. APCT offers a way to mitigate these risks while receiving high quality, low cost PCBs from Japan, Taiwan, Southern China, or Northern China PCB. Over years of experience we have established relationships with our offshore suppliers and can now confidently offer offshore PCB inventory management that saves you time and money.

The PCB Management Solution You’ve Been Searching For

One complication of foreign fabrication is the concern over quality control.  APCT ensures that the offshore PCB delivered to your Houston business is high performance and robust. Our engineering team works with our offshore partners in Japan, Taiwan, Southern China, and Northern China to make sure the PCB you receive is exactly as you ordered. From seamless recipe transfer using our Valor Genesis System to checking every batch of offshore printed circuit boards for quality control, our staff works hand in hand with you and our offshore suppliers to ensure you have high quality PCB to complete your project. In addition to our oversight, APCT can also offer total risk mitigation when it comes to manufacturing. If something occurs where a factory cannot fabricate your PCB, you never have to worry about production grinding to a halt, because our domestic facilities are ready to complete any order.

APCT gives you the freedom to enjoy the benefits of low cost offshore PCB in Houston with the peace of mind that you will receive high quality, on-time product. You can rely on our seamless recipe transfer process and risk mitigation to make sure the entire PCB manufacturing and delivery goes smoothly. Contact our world class customer service to learn more about how we can help you. Call (203) 284-1215 or fill out our online form to get started with a professional quote.