Offshore PCB Los AngelesHow can you receive the benefits of low cost offshore PCB manufacturing for your Los Angeles business while avoiding the pitfalls that typically make foreign production risky? By contacting APCT about PCB Program Management, a service that ensures you get the advantages of cheap offshore printed circuit boards while minimizing the potential hazards.  At APCT, we are committed to our customers and have a passion for quality printed circuit boards. PCB Program Management allows us to source low cost PCB for our valued clients, while maintaining quality control.

APCT Is Here For You

APCT’s PCB Program Management services save you time and money. By ordering offshore PCB your Los Angeles company receives low prices that save you capital and increases cash flow. Although offshore production is cheaper, it is often avoided because of concerns regarding inferior product and large volume order requirements. With oversight from our expert engineering team, and coordination with our suppliers, we ensure that the exact product you want is produced. Every batch is tested for quality control by our domestic facility before it is shipped to you. When you receive your offshore PCB in Los Angeles, you can be sure that it has been tested for performance and reliability, and that you are receiving a quality product.

Partnering with APCT ensures more than high quality offshore printed circuit boards. We also offer inventory management with a pay as you go program, allowing your Los Angeles business to order large batches of cheap offshore PCB, have it stored in our warehouses, and pay as you need it. Our large warehouses will securely hold your inspected product until you’re ready for it, allowing you to pay in installments for a large order of PCB, and not have to store it yourself. Seamless recipe transfer and inventory management are only some of the advantages you receive with APCT Program Management. Call today (203) 284-1215 to experience the APCT difference yourself.