Offshore PCB Maker Springfield MAAre you looking for an offshore PCB maker that can deliver to your Springfield MA business? There’s a clear option right in front of you. Trust a domestic manufacturer that has an established supply chain to offshore printed circuit boards that will save your company money while also guaranteeing ease of use and risk mitigation. APCT has years of experience in the PCB industry, and has partnered with offshore printed circuit boards manufacturers that share our passion for high quality PCB. Our new PCB Global Management program provides cheap PCB while offering world-class customer service and risk mitigation.

Your Source for Offshore Printed Circuit Boards

Since our founding, APCT has brought a human element to the PCB industry. We offer outstanding customer service and technical support for each and every customer. When you rely on us to connect an offshore PCB maker with your Springfield MA business, you receive the same high touch service. We handle all the logistics, from placing the order, transferring the recipe, following up with production, and coordinating delivery of your offshore printed circuit boards. You won’t have to answer a middle of the night phone call or track down your order, because your domestic sales representative has it handled.

Our ease of use promise is extended to any problems that may arise during production. Traditionally, there may be anxiety in ordering from an Asian PCB maker because of the distance and unpredictability. With APCT, you can order fearlessly because we offer risk mitigation on your offshore PCB order. If something happens to stall your production, we will finish the order in our domestic factories. Ease of use and risk mitigation are just two benefits to working with a domestic manufacturer for all your PCB needs. If you’ve been considering an offshore PCB maker in Springfield MA, contact us today at (203) 284-1215 to learn more.