Offshore PCB Manufacturer WorcesterWhat offshore PCB manufacturer can your Worcester business turn to for high quality printed circuit boards? There’s no need to search for an offshore PCB maker halfway across the world when APCT can supply you with high performing and cheap PCB! We are proud to announce PCB Global Management, a program where we connect our valued customers to offshore PCB manufacturing. Through us, clients in the electronics industry receive the benefit of cheap printed circuit boards while benefitting from working with a domestic manufacturer who provides seamless recipe transfer and inventory management.

Offshore PCB Manufacturing You Can Count On

Why is seamless recipe transfer so important when you work with an offshore PCB manufacturer in Worcester? Because oftentimes customers buy an item online from an offshore supplier, only to be disappointed by the actual item. With our patented Valor Genesis System, your exact design is transferred to the offshore PCB maker, so no changes to your recipe are made. Our domestic team works with the offshore manufacturer’s engineers to make sure everything goes smoothly in production.

Once the PCB is complete, we check ever batch from the offshore PCB manufacturer before sending to you in Worcester. We practice quality control at every step, from sending the recipe to checking the order, so you can be assured of high quality printed circuit boards. One of the downsides with overseas production is large order minimums. Fortunately, APCT can store your quality tested product in our warehouse until your business needs it. We can set up monthly or quarterly drop shipments straight to your doorstep. The best part? We only charge you as we ship the product! This frees up much needed capital so you don’t have to pay for the large order upfront. APCT’s Global program offers many benefits to make cheap PCB accessible for mobile and computing businesses. Learn more about the advantages by calling (203) 284-1215.