Offshore PCB New YorkAre you searching for trustworthy offshore PCB for your New York business? Look no further than the printed circuit board experts at APCT! We got into the business to bring a human element to the PCB industry, and continue to provide world class customer service to our valued clients. This includes our latest offering, offshore PCB program management! Take advantage of the low costs of offshore printed circuit boards without the risk of hearing ‘line down’ or worrying about meeting foreign manufacturers large order requirements.

Your Source for Domestic and Offshore Printed Circuit Boards

APCT is in a unique position because we not only provide PCB program management, we are a domestic manufacturer as well, meaning that if there were ever a problem with one of our offshore manufacturing partners, we could step in to complete your order. When you place your order, you can be assured your offshore PCB will arrive on time to meet your deadline in New York. APCT has earned a reputation as a lightning fast producer of PCB, and our domestic factories can be used to finish an order if there is ever an issue overseas. With our position as a manufacturer, you never have to worry about halted or stalled production offshore, and you benefit from our years of expertise in the industry.

In addition to risk mitigation with our position as a domestic manufacturer, APCT saves you overhead costs by offering inventory management. We receive every order and review it completely, whether:

  • Northern China
  • Southern China
  • Taiwan
  • Japan PCB

They are tested for quality control and certified that they have met APCT standards and your specifications. Once that’s done, we can store your inventory in our warehouse and drop ship as needed, so you don’t have to keep large stocks of product on hand! We even have a pay as you go program so you only pay as we ship offshore PCB to you in New York from our warehouse, and don’t have to pay the full amount up front. Contact us today to learn more by calling (203) 284-1215 or filling out our online form.