Offshore PCB Portland MAIf you are trying to order offshore PCB in Portland MA, it’s important to know that APCT is not just a domestic manufacturer. We also have an established international supply chain as well. One of our domestic facilities is not far away in Wallingford CT, but we also have manufacturing partners in Northern China, Southern China, Japan, and Taiwan. Having these offshore PCBs manufacturing partners means we can offer our PCB Global Management customers the security of working with our domestic team while getting the cheap prices of overseas printed circuit boards.

The PCB Manufacturer You Can Trust

One of the concerns often brought up with overseas production is large order minimums. Oftentimes offshore manufacturers require large upfront orders to access cheap prices, which can be costly to get started and expensive to store large amounts of inventory. Fortunately, APCT helps you navigate this issue. We offer inventory management for our Global management, so you don’t have to worry about storing the extra PCBs. We will set up monthly or quarterly drop shipments of offshore PCB to your Portland MA business. The best part? We only charge you for your PCBs as they ship, giving your business the benefit of freeing up capital. Our inventory management program allows many businesses to access the low prices of offshore PCBs manufacturing.

Another typical concern with ordering through an Asian PCB maker is hearing that production has halted for an unforeseen reason. What does your company do if your supplier can’t fulfill the order? Then you have disappointed customers and a loss to your bottom line. APCT can help you with that. If anything happens to the offshore production, we will complete the order in our own domestic factories. That’s the security of working with a domestic manufacturer to order offshore PCB for your Portland MA business. Contact us today at (203) 284-1215 to discuss your order further.