Offshore PCB PowayAPCT is proud to announce our PCB Global Management Program, our new service that brings the competitive price benefits of offshore PCB to our Poway customers. Many tech businesses know the low cost advantages of offshore printed circuit boards, but are worried about the typical concerns that accompany overseas manufacturing, like large order minimums and fear of halted production. By ordering through APCT, your company receives the cheap price of offshore PCB, while maintaining the security of working with a domestic manufacturer.

Offshore Printed Circuit Boards You Can Trust

Have you wanted to order offshore PCB in Poway but have shied away because of large order minimums? Many manufacturers require large batch orders, which requires your business to put up a lot of capital and store the product. APCT can help you out with both requirements. Our domestic warehouse can store your product until you need it; we can set up monthly drop shipments. With our pay as you go system, we will charge you as the product is shipped to you, and not before. This frees up much-needed cash flow for your business, and means you don’t have to find space to store the offshore printed circuit boards! We will keep your quality tested boards safe in our warehouse.

Another common concern with overseas manufacturing is the dreaded phone call. You pick up and are told, “the line is down”. Or, you never hear anything at all until your delivery doesn’t come. APCT mitigates these risks for you. We handle all logistics and coordination with the supplier to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If for any reason our manufacturer partner can’t finish the order, our domestic facilities are more than capable of finishing it. When you order offshore PCB from APCT in Poway, you can trust us for inventory management and risk mitigation. Fill out our convenient online form or call (203) 284-1215 to get started.