Offshore PCB Wallingford CTHave you dismissed offshore PCB for your Wallingford CT company because of potential risks in manufacturing? What if there was a way to reap the benefits of low priced offshore manufacturing while minimizing those potential risks? APCT is pleased to offer offshore PCB program management for our valued clients. This new program allows us to bring the advantages of low priced offshore printed circuit boards to high tech businesses across the US while mitigating many risks, such as the fear of inferior product or a halt to production. When you allow APCT to be your source for overseas PCBs, you are able to receive a low priced, high-quality product every time.

Experience The APCT Difference

One of the concerns with offshore printed circuit boards is that there is no way to inspect the facility and product from your location. What if you spend the time and money ordering a product that turns out to be worthless? Fortunately, APCT has built relationships with reliable foreign manufacturers in Northern China, Southern China, Japan, and Taiwan and works closely with them to ensure the exact product your order is the one you receive. Two ways we do this using our Valor Genesis System to transfer the product recipe and eliminate any possible changes to exact specifications and measurements, and by practicing quality control. Firstly, our team is experienced and knowledgeable in DFM and ensures the design produces PCB that is efficiently manufactured and robust to use, then we work closely with our supplier’s engineering team to make sure the recipe transfer is seamless. Once the PCB is manufactured, it is sent to our domestic warehouse, where we check every order for the top quality our customers have come to see as synonymous with APCT. Only then is the final offshore PCB sent to you in Wallingford CT.

Another potential risk with foreign manufacturing is the lack of control over plant closures and orders being late or unfulfilled. With APCT, you never have to worry about hearing “the line is down”. We are a domestic manufacturer in addition to offering offshore PCB management for you in Wallingford CT, meaning that if a problem ever occurred at one of our manufacturing partner’s facilities, we could make sure that your order is completed at our domestic factories. Talk to APCT today about receiving the price advantages of overseas PCB without the issues of low quality product and stalled production. Dial (203) 284-1215 or fill out our contact us form online to request more information.