Oftentimes companies look for PCB at the best price for their Mountain View business and are scared off by overseas production. Asian manufacturing offers a price reduction that can be extremely helpful for growing businesses, but there are additional factors to consider. What happens if production stalls and your printed circuit board order is delayed? Can your business afford PCB large orders that tie up your capital and leave you with vast quantities of product to store? These are issues that plague our Silicon Valley customers, and the reason we are proud to offer APCT Global.

Risk Mitigation from a Domestic Manufacturer

APCT Global provides electronics supply chain management for our valued customers. We manage your offshore printed circuit board orders and keep updated on production.

Your business gets the economic advantage of overseas manufacturing with the reliability and strength of a domestic manufacturer.  In case there is a disruption in our supply chain, APCT will build the product domestically, shipping as quickly as possible at no additional charge.  Simply put, there is limited to zero risk when utilizing APCT Global. PCB at the best price for your Mountain View business includes total risk mitigation.

Inventory Management for Silicon Valley Businesses

The advantage of overseas manufacturing is the low cost of PCB large orders. The downside is that the price advantage requires large order minimums, which ties up capital and requires warehouse storage. With APCT Global, you don’t have to worry about where you’ll keep all the excess product. We offer PCB managed inventory so you don’t have to fill your existing space with extra printed circuit boards. Instead, we will keep your product in our domestic warehouses and ship as needed. For example, we can establish regular monthly or quarterly shipments. The best part of our PCB managed inventory program? Your business only pays for the product as it’s shipped! Not only do you get the advantage of low cost printed circuit boards, but you also don’t have to pay for the whole order at once! This is a great benefit for our customers who want PCB at the best price for their Mountain View business but don’t have the facility storage or capital for large orders.

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