Your business needs PCB at the best price in Wallingford. You probably know that APCT has a manufacturing facility in Wallingford, CT that serves the entire East Coast, as well as printed circuit board production houses across the United States. We have four manufacturing sites in total, over 180,000 square feet of production space, and over 450 employees who are ready to take on your order.

Quality Overseas Production

In addition to our domestic resources, APCT has spent years building relationships with overseas manufacturers. We are happy to “Say Yes!” to more of our customers’ needs with APCT Global. Now when our customers have approved a prototype and need PCB large runs at a fantastic price, we can connect them with offshore manufacturers who can meet their needs. We handle the coordination and logistics of the order, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right supplier for your business or communicating with a supplier half a world away. Of course, your business wants PCB at the best price in Wallingford, but there are other considerations as well, such as turnaround times, complexity of technology, and materials. We will match your PCB design and needs to the right supplier for the job. APCT GLOBAL also has employees living nearby our Asian manufacturing partners; our employees work closely with the suppliers to ensure all PCB large runs are completed smoothly. With APCT, you can count on total ease of use.

To get PCB at the best price in Wallingford, many offshore manufacturers require large order minimums. This can be a dual-pronged issue for many businesses as they have to pay for a large order and find someplace to store it. Fortunately, APCT GLOBAL offers PCB managed inventory for our clients. When you place a production run order through us, we have the ability to store your circuit boards in one of our domestic warehouses. We can arrange regular drop shipping to your business as needed – for example, once a month. The best part about our managed inventory program? You only pay for the product once it’s shipped from our warehouse!

When you are looking for printed circuit boards at the best price, remember that you need more than a PCB manufacturer; you need a partner in all things PCB. APCT GLOBAL offers ease of use, managed inventory, and the best customer service in the industry. Call us today and get started.

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