PCB Prototype Woodside

Your business has a PCB prototype design in Woodside, CA and cannot wait to start manufacturing. While you have a wonderful in-house engineering team, where do you go to start the PCB prototyping? APCT is the right choice for small and large builds. We are more than a manufacturer; we are a partner in everything PCB.

What do we mean by that? We are the human element in the PCB manufacturing industry. We have made a name for ourselves for extremely fast lead times, advanced technology capabilities, and world-class customer service. We focus on the needs of our customers by open communication with them prior to the build and then have that same commitment within our organization to communicate openly during the build, all to ensure a quality product on time to you our customer.  Our experienced DFM engineers review every PCB design before production begins to ensure that the recipe is robust to manufacture. This emphasis on people makes all the difference at APCT and saves the hassle, expense, and time of a second PCB prototype reprint for your Woodside, CA business!

In addition to our technological expertise and knowledge of production, we also offer our clients connection to high-quality overseas PCB manufacturing. After we have created the PCB prototype for your Woodside, CA company, that’s where APCT GLOBAL comes in. Over our years of experience in the printed circuit board industry, we have formed relationships with Asian suppliers, planted APCT employees in strategic overseas locations, and built a worldwide electronics supply chain. APCT GLOBAL is your answer to top-quality, reliable PCB without the typical concerns surrounding offshore fabrication. For example, we seamlessly transfer the PCB recipe using our patented Valor Genesis System and quality test every batch before shipping to you to make sure that you receive precisely the product you ordered. Contact us today to learn more.