If you need PCB in San Carlos, CA, you don’t have to look far. APCT is a reputable PCB fabrication house based in Santa Clara. From the heart of Silicon Valley, we have worked with various companies in the medical, communications, defense, and aerospace industries to provide top-quality electrical components.

Tech businesses need quality PCB in San Carlos, CA. They also often need large scale production orders but might shy away from ordering overseas. Offshore manufacturing of printed circuit boards often require order minimums and upfront payment. While the price per unit is low, the overall cost is not. In addition to spending much-needed capital, your business also has to store the excess product, which can cost money in storage fees.


APCT is proud to offer our customers access to APCT GLOBAL, the best management for your electronics supply chain. Through APCT you can order from overseas manufacturers, securing the low cost of offshore circuit board with the strength and stability of a domestic manufacturer. APCT GLOBAL works with a number of Asian manufacturers and will pick the right supplier based on your company’s needs, such as speed of production or technological capability. Once the printed circuit boards are fabricated, they will be shipped to APCT’s domestic facilities, where they are thoroughly quality tested. We can store the product in our domestic warehouses until your business needs it. For example, we can arrange monthly drop shipments to your business or PCB assembly house. The best part? We only charge you as the product is shipped! That means you can secure the price advantage of overseas production with the reliability of a domestic manufacturer and without draining your capital.

APCT is more than just a manufacturer; we are a partner in PCB for our San Carlos, CA customers. Talk to us today about your PCB needs.