When the technology industry moves at the speed of thought, you need printed circuit boards delivered to your Los Altos CA production facility as quickly as possible. Whether it’s for your current run or the next gen developmental design, APCT is an industry-leading fast PCB fabrication company that offers cycle times for HDI-specific designs as short as 3-5 days. When you have strict timelines to meet to ensure you can stay ahead of the pack, that’s the level of PCB fabrication you need in your partner.

Here at APCT, we foster a company culture that encourages Passion, Commitment, and Dedication. These tenants allow us to live and work in an environment of continuous improvement, “Best In Class” service, and consistent reliability. Silicon Valley is no stranger to manufacturers of printed circuit boards and other computing components that can reach Los Altos quickly, but we go above and beyond to give our clients the reassurance that they’re getting a great product without losing valuable time or profit. Through our Design For Manufacturability approach, our DFM Engineers work closely with clients from the very beginning of the project to ensure their design is exactly what they need before production. This allows for fast PCB fabrication times and a high level of consistency in the finished product. You’ll never have to worry about missing a deadline due to a production hiccup on our end. That’s our promise.

We offer our printed circuit boards to Los Altos locally from our Santa Clara factory, as well as globally via our overseas partners. Whatever your needs, we will display Passion, Commitment, and Dedication to meet them every step of the way. Please call us today to speak with one of our DFM Engineers. We look forward to working with you!