There’s no shortage of printed circuit boards available to Los Gatos CA and the surrounding areas. Being central to Silicon Valley means that tech companies are never lacking for access to the components they need to create the next generation of mobile or touch screen device. However, finding a PCB manufacturer that offers both high-quality product and reliable, “Best In Class” service is another story. At APCT, we break the mold with our company culture of Passion, Commitment, and Dedication. These values make us a better business, which in turn means you receive a better product.

We believe that being passionate about what you do results in continuous improvement and great service, so we insist on working with people who love tech and love designing cutting edge rigid printed circuit boards. Los Gatos is home to a number of household names and production facilities, and we know those companies need a reliable source of consistent product, especially when they’re producing high volume runs. When you work with APCT, you’ll find we employ a design for manufacturability philosophy, ensuring that your PCB design is made to your exact specifications before it goes to production. We’re located in Santa Clara, which makes us central to any Silicon Valley or Bay Area facility, which improves access and deliverability. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of spec options for standard, advanced, and developmental PCBs. As industry leaders in fabrication times for HDI specific designs, you’ll feel confident that you’re getting consistent and timely products when you partner with us.

Our passion for what we do comes out in every stage of our process. If you’re looking for a new manufacturer of printed circuit boards near Los Gatos, please give one of our DFM engineers a call today to begin discussing your project.