APCT is a leading manufacturer of printed circuit boards in Milpitas and an industry leader in PCB quality, reliability, production speed, and customer support. As an advanced technology printed circuit board manufacturer, we pride ourselves on our ability to innovate new technologies, constantly improve our products, and exceed client expectations every time. Involve us from the start with your next project: pair our incredibly skilled DFM engineers with your local Milpitas printed circuit board designers or product staff to improve your product yields and development success while reducing your cycle and lead times. We offer a full suite of PCB manufacturing and customer support services, all them dedicated to supporting you and your project goals.

While our competitors may have the equipment to build printed circuit boards in Milpitas, we can guarantee none of them have the drive, passion, and commitment of our team. Our consistent best-in-class service and commitment to continuous improvement makes us a proven leader as an advanced technology printed circuit board manufacturer, and the strength of our team has allowed us to provide you with world-class lead times: our facility gives us standard lead times of 10 days for rigid PCBs, much speedier than the industry norm of 3 weeks or more.

Get us involved with your project early, and we’ll provide you with our passionate and innovative DFM engineering team and our incredible customer service support right from the start. Contact us today online or call us at (408) 727-6442 and get ready to experience the dedication to excellence that separates APCT from the rest.