Radio Frequency Design

Radio Frequency design allows PCBs to operate with a high-frequency analog signal between 100MHz to 2 GHz. For many applications, the cloud is too slow; it’s much better and faster to have communication signals here on Earth. This can be processed through printed circuit boards and material sets that help radio frequencies run faster.

RF technology is ideal for use over wireless networks, as well as in smart devices, sensors, computer networks, telecommunication offerings, robotics, and medical equipment. We are seeing a rise in the use of RF technology across all the major industries: Defense & Aerospace, Medical & Consumer, Industrial & Automotive, Computing, Networking & Storage, and the Telecommunications & Mobility sectors.

What is Radio Frequency Design?

Many specialized products on the market today need to be able to work with a mixed signal component, support a high-frequency application like radar, or incorporate a wireless communication block. RF circuits, which are designed to simulate standard circuit elements, can use printed copper traces on a PCB, along with other components to offer the same functionality in a circuit board. The copper traces allow the board to take advantage of the electromagnetic field to produce the desired electrical performance.

The Benefits of Radio Frequency Design

RF design PCBs offer a wide range of benefits for both MHz and GHz applications:

  • High-frequency signals can travel faster and with less electrical impedance
  • RF multilayer stack-ups result in better performance & are more cost effective
  • RF designs are seamless in their usage with high temperatures
  • RF designs support assembly applications, which target fine pitch components

RF Design PCBs are much more complicated to manufacture than standard PCBs and require higher quality control. To that end, our team of experts have created operational systems to follow, focusing on seamless performance, signal integrity, isolation, decoupling, and layer arrangement. These systems result in the repeatability of reliable product. In addition, we also offer quick lead times to help you meet your deadlines.

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