Rigid Flex PCB Orange CountyYour company needs rigid flex PCB in Orange County. Where do you turn? APCT is a reliable manufacturer with two facilities located right in Orange County! As of January 2018, we have 4 sites: Santa Clara, CA; Wallingford, CT; Orange, CA; and Placentia, CA. We now have the capacity to create rigid, flex, and rigid flex printed circuit boards at incredibly fast lead times.

APCT has made a name for ourselves in Silicon Valley and beyond as the company with quick turnarounds. With recent acquisitions, we are now of the largest privately held printed circuit board manufacturers in the United States. You’re able to rely on the quality, speed, and customer service you would expect from a domestic manufacturer. We work with tech businesses throughout the US to meet tight deadlines. Working on a project for your Southern California tech company? Trust us to get you the rigid flex PCB you need in Orange County, delivered on-time every time.

APCT Means Quality for Tech Businesses in Orange County

In addition to speed, your business can count on APCT for quality. Quality product and quality customer service are cornerstones of our organization. Every batch of rigid flex printed circuit boards undergoes thorough quality control, beginning with an experienced DFM engineer reviewing your design. Once the design is considered robust to manufacture, we create the prototype PCB using state-of-the-art equipment. Our employees have decades of experience and oversee each step of the production process. Once complete. Each batch of rigid flex PCB is QA tested before being sent to your Orange County business. Throughout this process, you can count on professional technical support and helpful customer service. We don’t just want to be your printed circuit boards manufacturer. We want to be your partner in all things PCB. Contact us when you need a supplier you can count on for quality.