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APCT – The Leading Manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards

Known for being a leading manufacturer of high reliability printed circuit boards, APCT is proud to be well versed in a variety of products, including rigid flex PCBs. A rigid flex PCB eliminates flexible cables, connectors, and discrete wiring, resulting in a streamlined electron design. The boards allow for a combination of flexible and rigid board technologies in one, single application. 

Our rigid flex PCB manufacturers partner with dreamers to manufacture tomorrow’s products. It is with passion, commitment, and trust that we can work with myriad industries, including:

Defense and Aerospace

Medical and Consumer

Industrial and Automotive

Computing, Networking, and Storage 

Telecommunications and Mobility

Other incentives our team provides are extremely quick lead times, pre-sales design for manufacturability, and manufacturing technology at scale. 

How Our Rigid Flex PCB Manufacturers Can Benefit You 

Though a rigid flex PCB is typically used for electronic devices, it additionally has a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. For example, these particular types of printed circuit boards are commonly seen in high-grade aircraft mounted weapon guidance systems, as well as adopted for military and aerospace electronics manufacturing.

Further, rigid flex PCBs offer various benefits, such as: 

  • The reduction of both weight and space 
  • Able to meet dynamic flexing requirements
  • Can improve aesthetics 
  • Eliminate connectors 
  • Supply thermal management 
  • And much more!

With 180,000 square feet of manufacturing space and more than 500 employees, our rigid flex PCB manufacturers have created an environment that drives and motivates our team to achieve the ability to say “Yes!” to every customer’s need of technology and lead time.

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If you still have questions regarding rigid flex PCB or would like to ask us a certain question, contact APCT at your earliest convenience. To get in touch with an expert member of our team, just fill out this user-friendly contact form. We look forward to speaking with you.