There’s no shortage of rigid PCB products in California, particularly Silicon Valley, but not every company displays the same passion for innovation and “Best In Class” service that APCT does. When you’re looking to partner with a rigid printed circuit board manufacturer for production or development, you want to know that you’re receiving a reliable, high performance product that can evolve with the constantly shifting technological advances in mobile and computing technology.

At APCT, we believe in maintaining passion for innovation, service, and responsiveness. In taking pride in what we do, we can provide a wide range of rigid PCB designs directly from our factor in Santa Clara, California. The proximity to one of the world’s technological hotbeds allows us to provide superior service and turnaround time for our customers, regardless of the size or specificity of their order. We know technology moves quickly, which is why we’re constantly pushing to be an industry leader in cycle and lead times. When it comes to HDI specific designs, which are frequently used for smaller and slimmer touch screen mobile devices like tablets and 4G phones, we offer 2-5 day cycle times. We know you want to work with a rigid printed circuit board manufacturer who can get the job done quickly so you can keep up with production demands. Whether you need to order standard PCBs in bulk or you need a specific design for developmental purposes, we have you covered. You’ll find our full range of materials and specification capabilities right here on our site.

We know you expect great things from your rigid PCBs, and we’re always working hard to improve our designs and remain on the cutting edge of printed circuit board design. Whether you’re located in California or elsewhere, you can rely on our superior service, every time. To discuss your options further, please contact one of our DFM Engineers today.