APCT recently acquired an East Coast factory and can now offer their industry-leading rigid PCB fabrication to Pittsburgh PA and beyond. Through our tenants of Passion, Commitment, and Dedication, we’ve built our business in the fires of Silicon Valley, providing fast rigid printed circuit board fabrication to many of the world’s leading technology companies for production and development. Simply put, we are an advanced technology printed circuit board manufacturer that offers not only high-quality products, but consistency and reliability that’s difficult to find elsewhere.

Every day, we’re glad we work with a team of people who have true Passion for what they do. This passion allows us to foster an environment of continuous improvement, always innovating our products and processes. Providing quality rigid PCBs to Pittsburgh companies begins with great products, followed by great service. Our Commitment to maintaining “Best in Class” service is facilitated by our Design for Manufacturability Engineers, who work closely with every single client in order to create a fast rigid printed circuit board design that meets their exact specifications, from material to through-hole width. The design is perfected before it goes to production, drastically reducing production error and allowing us to offer some of the fastest lead and cycle times in the industry (10 days standard lead time, compared to the 3-week or more industry average). All this ensures we can continue our Dedication to providing consistent products and reliable delivery time so you can meet your production goals.

Our factory is capable of producing standard, advanced, or developmental rigid PCB designs and delivering them quickly to the Pittsburgh area. Additionally, our overseas partners enable us to offer complete program management. Please contact one of our DFM Engineers today to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!