When you need a custom rigid printed circuit board design for your Morgan Hill CA production or development facility, there’s no shortage of options in the Silicon Valley area. However, finding a fast rigid PCB manufacturer isn’t the only factor that should concern you. You should also be seeking a partner who adopts Passion, Commitment, and Dedication for what they do — a company that’s not only reliable and efficient, but also an industry leader in cycle times for advanced technology PCB designs, particularly HDI-specific designs. In APCT, you’ll find that partner.

When it comes to doing great work, we find that being passionate about what you do yields higher returns. We intentionally seek team members who bring Passion to work every day, which allows us to innovate and remain invested in providing our Morgan Hill customers with cutting-edge rigid printed circuit board designs for all of their needs, from the latest tablets to new 4G smart phones. Advanced technology and HDI designs allow for the same amount of processing power in a more compact space, making them ideal for mobile technology. When your products need to be constantly redesigned to keep up with consumer demand, a fast rigid PCB manufacturer is a necessity. That’s why we have a Commitment to “Best in Class” service, offering our customers design for manufacturability planning and a wide variety of specs for standard, advanced, and developmental PCB designs. By working closely with our clients to ensure their design is established before it’s manufactured, we’re able to reduce time and cost, which is where our Dedication to reliability comes in. When you work with us, you’ll always get a consistent product and reliable turnaround.

We’re here for all your rigid printed circuit board needs for Morgan Hill and other area facilities. To get started, contact one of our DFM engineers today.