World Class Cycle Times just don’t happen because you wish it so.
Resources in the form of equipment; staffing and the proper systems all play a part in consistent execution. Yet, it’s the willingness, the determination of our people at APCT to hit those delivery dates.
Passion, Commitment and Trust are not just words; they are the foundation of our reputation in the industry; and the driving force behind World Class Cycle Times.

APCT, “Where Our People Differentiate Us From The Competition.”

APCT Offers


Through Hold Technology

  • 2 - 10 Layers, 24 hours
  • 12 - 24 Layers, 48 hours

HDI Technology

  • Via in Pad: 48 - 72 hours
  • HDI: 3 - 15 days*
    *Depending upon # of lam cycles
Standard: 2 - 28 Layers
Advanced: 30 - 38 Layers
Development: 40 plus Layers
Flex/Rigid Flex: 2 - 24 Layers
Lam Cycles: 7x
Micro BGA Pitch: .2 Millimeters
Flex/Rigid Flex: 2 - 30 Layers

ISO 9001 Rev 2008 Certified
AS9100D Certified
NADCAP Certified
MIL-P-55110 Certified
MIL-PRF-31032 (Pending Approval)
IPC 6012 Class III
ITAR Registered at all sites


From Prototypes to full scale Production orders with off-shore Solutions through APCT Global


No tooling charges;
No test charges