APCT provides a Broad Range of Technology

Technology in our industry is constantly evolving.  Rather than becoming complacent, we push ourselves to further advance our technology capabilities. We are driven to innovation in finding more cost-effective solutions that will reduce cycle times and produce a better-quality product for our customers. To support that daily goal, APCT continues to invest in the resources of equipment and people.  We strive to say “YES” to our customer’s demands now and the vision to say yes to the next generation of technology.

APCT is proud to say yes to a Broad Range of Technologies. APCT has divided the technology world into Standard, Advanced, and Development. There are many attributes responsible for determining which category a board is placed. However, for the purposes of this overview, the following are offered:

Standard Technology:Through-Hole technology up to 28 layers
Advanced Technology:Through-Hole technology up to 38 layers
Development Technology:Through-Hole technology 40+ layers or more


Standard Technology:HDI technology up to 3 lamination cycles
Advanced Technology:HDI technology up to 5 lamination cycles
Development Technology:HDI technology up to 7+ lamination cycles


Standard Technology:Flex technology up to 6 layers
Advanced Technology:Flex technology up to 10 layers
Development Technology:Flex technology up to 12+ layers


Standard Technology:Rigid Flex technology up to 14 layers
Advanced Technology:Rigid Flex technology up to 24 layers
Development Technology:Rigid Flex technology up to 26+ layers


“Our business model demands that we say ‘YES’ to our customers.” – Steve Robinson, President/CEO

Therefore, we strive to support leading edge technology, such as HDI designs, and continue to meet and exceed the competitive turn-around times requested by our customers. We are determined to be a true partner that not only says yes to a broad range of technologies, but supports the build with the requested lead time at a competitive price point. Because technology and lead times are linked at APCT, we are very proud to say that we consistently produce “standard” technology faster than anyone in the world! APCT is designed to meet our commitment to “Best in Class” cycle times and to support virtually any rigid printed circuit board requirement for our customer.  Please reach out to us today to lay the foundation of a strong partnership.