Our customers are the best thing about this business, and we value every single one and work hard to maintain their trust. Customers are the reason we insist on a culture of continuous improvement, “Best In Class” service, and reliability. We know that our claims are only so many words unless they can be verified, so we’ll let our clients do the talking.

Being a high speed digital, low noise analog circuit designer I need consistent high reliability board fabrication in a timely manner. Before picking a board house I research the history of the principle owners and employees of the company and the history of the company in general. I also look at the company’s technologies and their proposed technology growth. The people at APCT come from companies with the highest reputations in the field with an excellent history of continued high technology growth. I have used APCT for many high rel board fabrications over the past few years and all have come out exactly as designed. I also have interfaced with the engineers at APCT and always receive accurate information and answers to all my questions. Being a consulting engineer requires me to deliver exact, high reliability products, on time, and APCT has delivered for me on every project.
Tom Roe, PE  |  President Roetek, Inc


P.P.I.-Time Zero Inc. looks to APCT as our go to Domestic Bare Circuit Card Manufacturing Company. APCT has continually demonstrated that they have the resource in place to continuously provide Hi-Technology Bare Printed Circuit boards that consistently meet our customer’s specification. We utilize APCT’s engineering resource for DFM studies prior to launching new production requirements. By utilizing this available resource we eliminate multiple prototype passes and improve our customer’s time to market. We have a long term relationship with the Owners and Senior Management of APCT. This team of professionals make themselves available in support of their mission of providing Best of Class Customer Service.
Frank Simons  |  Executive Vice President
P.P.I.-Time Zero Inc.


As an engineering design services company, significant emphasis is placed on providing our customer base with quality services and products in a timely manner. This includes our printed circuit board fabricators.
Celerity has been working with APCT for several years now and APCT exceeds our stringent demands for quality and timeliness. APCT’s support staff is extremely courteous, helpful and responsive with estimates for board fabrication costs being provided within hours of the request. Celerity designs very complicated boards and always pushes the technology in terms of geometries, footprint densities, layer count and via types. APCT has consistently delivered high quality boards and very reasonable prices and has always met the promised delivery dates.
As a design services company, Celerity could not ask for a better partner than APCT for printed circuit board fabrication.
John DeCesare  |  President
Celerity Embedded Design Services
1 Jonathan Bourne Drive, Suite #8
Pocasset, MA 02559


Our relationship with APCT is based on a long time partnership. Surface Art Engineering requires a key supplier that is responsive, has great quality, is flexible, offers a varied complexity of technology and has a sense of humor. We forget sometimes in business relationships it’s not always about today or tomorrow but next week, next month or next year. The interface between the two companies has become seamless. The communication, scheduling, planning and execution require commitment from both teams and we could not be happier with the results.
All companies have choices on where they do business and with whom our choice for many years has been APCT.
Rick Kundert President  |  Surface Art Engineering, Inc.


After three years of doing business with APCT we have come to rely on their superior engineering support as well as the fastest response to RFQs in the industry.  While other companies promise the best price and quality APCT delivers boards faster, built to the highest standards and engineered to meet our stringent requirements at competitive prices.
We push the envelope in the abilities of our suppliers and APCT rises to the top in helping our engineers provide our customers with the best designed and manufactured products in the market.  They continue to support us with their superior customer service and engineering support that we demand from our top board supplier.
Wallace Schott  |  Director of Operations
Cornet Technology, Inc