How do you choose the right offshore supply chain agent?

Ideally, it’s one that offers solutions for your exact needs. It’s not one that has limited solutions, but one that can offer solutions from technology, to customer service, to transportation/delivery solutions, to dependable relationship and risk mitigation excellence.

Considering your full product lifecycle may be a key consideration; that is, a company with whom you’ve invested time and resources to build a valuable relationship that can grow with you as your product needs grow. Again, it often comes down to a long-term investment with one that offers you the most comprehensive solution to your needs.

You need an agent who offers you the most comprehensive solution to your needs.

Is Self-Qualifying an Overseas PCB Manufacturer a Competitive Advantage?

There are myriad PCB manufacturers to choose from. Standalone factories around the world can produce any number of technologies and at varying volumes. There are brokers, essentially acting like a middleman, who do not produce PCBs but represent manufacturers. APCT is a manufacturers who engineers and specialize in product areas with US based production excellence, yet also work with factories around the world, commanding the same quality excellence.

Does your company have enough funding or time to actually qualify manufacturing facilities in different regions of the world? If you visit a facility one time, do you have the time and budget to visit annually? Is there available staff to extend the workday to other global time zones? Do you have on-site staff globally to oversee the production and proactively work with the facility in real-time? Some of those burdens and risk issues can be alleviated by working with a comprehensive PCB company that has manufacturing, engineering, and full customer service.

It can be a competitive disadvantage to self-qualify an off-shore PCB manufacturer and procure directly as simply, very few companies cannot allocate continual quality and on-site inspection budget and staff that is required.

Recipe Transfer Magic

Recipe transfer is almost mythical without a dedicated and rigorous system in place to ensure a customer’s complex design requirements are understood and continually verified.

APCT invests the time to get an upfront intake profile and the time to fully understand a 360 view on the customer needs; only after which, can they create a custom program that suits those needs. The APCT process reduces unexpected additional time and concerns that arise for the customers and provides solutions that offer peace of mind, continual quality, and on-time delivery.

Huge risk factors are inherent in a segmented engineering staff, both recipe transfer and real-time production engineering attention. Some companies have an engineering team work on the prototype or first run, and then transfer to another group working on volume production engineering. To reduce risk throughout the product lifecycle and real-time build activities, APCT ensures the same engineering team would never leave that product. They understand all the engineering details, know exactly how the transition to production should go. Taking it one step further, after the first-run prototype is approved, APCTs team works diligently and ensures a full recipe transfer for the company into their next production build in the life cycle. With the continual next step efforts managed by APCT, this allows the customer to move forward to work on their next project and program.

APCTs Global Program is dedicated to the success of recipe transfer.