PCB Manufacturing Companies Mountain ViewIf you’re looking into PCB manufacturing companies near Mountain View, the only company you have to call is APCT. Our manufacturing firm has long been the premier domestic supplier of rigid printed circuit boards for Silicon Valley. Now, with our latest acquisition of Cartel Electronics and its affiliate Cirtech, our technological capabilities and services have expanded! We now have over 340 employees, 4 manufacturing sites, and over 150,000 square feet of combined factory space. This assures fantastic customer support and fast lead times for all our clients. Our expansion means we can now “Say Yes!” to more of our customers’ needs by offering flex, rigid-flex, and rigid printed circuit boards.

A Silicon Valley PCB Manufacturer Focused on People

When you’re looking at PCB manufacturing companies for your Mountain View business, you don’t have to look far. APCT is headquartered in nearby Santa Clara. With a manufacturing site in Santa Clara, 2 in Southern California, and 1 in Wallingford CT, we are now one of the largest privately held printed circuit board manufacturing companies in North America. We have the technology, resources, and dedication to meet our customers’ needs, from industry-leading turnaround times to complex multi-layer HDI orders.

Our people and our values are what sets us apart from other PCB manufacturing companies serving Mountain View. Our talented DFM engineers review every design to make sure it is robust for production, and our team is always on hand to answer technical questions or for any service support. We are the best among circuit board manufacturing companies in the Bay Area, not just for the quality of our product and speed of manufacturing, but the service we offer to every client. Our company cornerstones are Passion, Commitment, and Trust. As we continue to grow, we will remain dedicated to these cornerstones and bringing the best value to our customers. Call now to experience the difference for yourself.